Veterans Day



Today is a very special day for us. The boys have heard ThingDaddy talk about the Navy and how he was a Electrician {EM1} on the John C Stennis. He was a “nuke”, Nuclear Electrician. He is the one who kept the ship running. He spent 9 years in the Navy. We are happy to have him home with us. His brother also served in the military and is well deserving of being a veteran as well.

We thank God every day for the men and women who have volunteered their lives to keep our country safe. They deserve more than just one day of remembrance, but we will make this day special.

We made poppies at the local library, watched a few videos, talked about why it is important to remember those who came before us, who will come after us to watch over our country.

Since the boys are small, we didn’t go into a lot of detail, just enough to give them an understanding.

What did you do in remembrance of this day?

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