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We have really been enjoying our vacation. I suppose that is one nice thing about homeschooling, you schedule your vacation and school around each other. We tend to like the late fall, early spring, middle summer vacations the best.. plus when you aren’t the senior man, you take them when you get them.


So…. we took our vacation, spent time going home to Madison Wisconsin. Home of Bucky Badger… Our boys just LOVE him!

Then we took our boys to a nice quaint little town called Wisconsin Dells. Okay so it isn’t little, but it is quaint and true most of the outdoor parks aren’t open, but there is plenty to do. We stayed at the Grand Marquis Hotel. This is a nice hotel. We were the only ones there for most of our stay {okay all but one night}

We did check around at other hotels/waterparks, but IMO for the money you would spend on those other places, it really is worth staying here and having quiet. You can visit other waterparks, but whoa are they crazy expensive.. around 40 bucks a person for the day. With the other stuff that is available to do, it just didn’t seem worth it to us. We love water don't’ get me wrong. The boys just can’t seem to stay away from it, but for our pocket book and our sanity, this was nice.


The hotel is perfect for families who have smaller children{10 and under} The 4 slides were perfect, there was tons of pop up water. They even have an indoor pool with slides and water is only 4 feet deep at end of slides. This is really geared for kids, not that mom and dad won’t like it as well. One day we just sat out and watched kids play. Another thing that was nice, you could push a button, the water would come on and 15 minutes later, it would go off.

I realize that as the boys get older, we may have to re evaluate our waterpark choices, but for now, it suits us just fine and we will be back next year.


While here in the Dells, we did do some sight seeing, eating at some of the local places, playing in the arcade rooms, and of course bowling!


 Some of the places I recommend:

Especially for fall/winter

1} Moose Jaw. It is a great little pizza place. Full of rustic charm, lots of antlers, stuffed animals, but would you expect anything less from a place named Moose Jaw? I enjoy their pizza here. They have a good BLT, and chicken sandwich.

How can you resist this face??


2} Buffalo Phil's. This place is AWESOME!!! You can sit near the train tracks and the trrains will bring you your food! Can it get an cooler than this? Yes it can! You can watch Thomas the train videos on the tv’s, you can even have a fun bubbles/light show as the train puffs by you. The servers/Conductors are very good at making sure the kids get a train coming by at least every 5-7 minutes. The boys LOVED this place! It is a cowboy theme through out the restaurant. They have a nice lunch buffet, and during dinner and all you can eat soup and salad buffet. Pizza tends to be a prime food here in the Dells, as it is served just about everywhere!


3} Knuckleheads ~~ This is a fun place! a place to go and bowl, go kart, rope climb, air bounce. OF course like most things it can get a bit pricey. If you plan to do all the rides/attractions, I do advise a wristband.

4} Tanger Outlet mall.. while it may not be best for kids, their are some great stores here. Toys R Us, Nike, Adidas, Corning ware, and a kitchen gadget place. There are many, but these are the ones I like :)


5} Pizza Pub~~ This place is exactly as it sounds a huge pizza joint! It has the largest pizza, pasta, and salad buffet in the dells! Lots to choose from, and easy on the pockets.


6} Goody Goody Gum Drop~~ Man is this place AWESOME! It  has candy galore.. now most of you are familiar with Albanese, this isn’t the same. Goody Gum drop offers homemade fudge, caramel apples, chocolates, this is a chocolate lovers paradise.. Hint hint Uncle Mike! We bought a ton of candy from here. Not that any of it lasted! They will even ship to your home… isn’t that GREAT!


I have enjoyed the time with the family. Refreshing ourselves, our life, and our love. Vacations are nice and needed, but I am glad to be getting home to a normal routine. { we have done some schooling while on the road, but nothing worth a post}


It’s great to be a homeschooler…….

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