Public or Private…. why is it an issue


Why is there such an issue on kids and the school that they attend? Does it really matter as long as they are getting an education?

This debate over vouchers is a bit crazy to me. Maybe because I have chosen a different path than most, but my goal is still the same. I want my children to have an education, to learn to live, to play to grow to seek more knowledge.

From the research done by The Times, most of those who are getting and using the vouchers are children from rural areas, areas where the public school is not the greatest {and yes there is such a things as a bad public school, whether we like to admit it or not} Why are we denying these children the right to a better education? Why is it more important for the “public” school to have the money than to actually care that the children are being educated? This is what I get from a quote by Gary Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt.

"For the Gary Community School Corp., it means engaging in candid conversations that cause the administration to take a hard look at factors like the voucher program that will impact the bottom line," Pruitt said.

How do you not think that it isn’t about money when she clearly states it is about the bottom line? Why is it more about money than about actually educating our children?

My choice to homeschool has nothing to do with whether to send to public or private school and everything to do with making sure my children are growing, learning and excelling in all things to help them better prepare for the world they will inherit from us.

This is my opinion and no one else. I do not proclaim one way or another as to vouchers. I just think this is a silly argument for our government and one that is about control and money.

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