Playful Learning


I have to say the last few days I have really enjoyed our learning time.  The boys and I have been having fun {shhh don’t tell them it is school} learning math facts and talking about math facts, and equations and what each symbol means. We laid on our floor mats, got out some paper, pens, and some counters. We talked about adding subtracting and even “timsing”, {multiplying} as ThingOne calls it.


All this started from a LeapPad game that they had received on their birthday this past summer {Thank you Gramma Jan}. Games are educational, maybe not all the time, but they do inspire.

So we sat on our mats and learned. Learned that adding, multiplying and subtracting are all similar in the end.


DSCN0029 DSCN0030 DSCN0031 DSCN0032


We then worked on some legos … well for the rest of the day we played with legos. Building, tearing down, building again. It was a fun and great learning experience I had with the boys.

Do you play Lego’s? How do you manage all the small pieces?

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