Our weekend thus far…..



Things were a bit crazy here the last few days. I am trying much harder to be better at posting or I should say scheduling my posts so that I am not forgetting. However, my grandmother came home from the hospital so it was a bit crazy. She is doing AMAZING well for someone in her 80’s! The Lord has truly blessed her life.

The boys and I have been working on some Thanksgiving crafts, talking about Thanksgiving, we even watched Disney’s Pocahontas.

We used This Reading Mama’s Phonics by the Book Lesson 2 for our Adam and Eve bible lesson. We started using this and it has worked out well for us.


Thing Two working on the word scramble.


Thing One working on word scramble


Working on the rhyming/matching words.

I didn’t take a picture of everything they did with this lesson, but we did learn a lot by using it. We also used some free resources from around the web as well to help learn about Adam and Eve.

We also raced Thursday night. We race again Saturday night. I have to say I have come to enjoy these nights with my boys. It is teaching them about playing together, losing together and well;l just getting out a bunch of energy.

It is great to be able to homeschool and watch my boys learn and be educated through LIFE!

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