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This morning, I woke up around 1 am and headed down the stairs thinking about all that is going to be going on today. I started to read some of my emails while searching for information on the candidates in our area who are running for office. When this email really caught my attention.
The writer was talking about homeschooling and how some who “homeschool” do make a bad name for other homeschoolers. How instead of teaching they just allow the children to run wild, carefree, and some do abuse or allow others to abuse. While I do not think this is the norm for most homeschoolers, there are a few bad apples. However, in this day and age and the world we live in, there are more bad apples outside of homeschooling than in.
With that said, every homeschool looks and is different, What you may consider rowdy and carefree, is actually a really great way for toddlers, preschoolers and even First graders to learn to use their imagination, energy and spirit to play, work out problems, lead to bigger and better things.
I may not teach out of a textbook like you do, but I do teach them. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I teach them the value of a clean home, how to prepare food, how to cook for themselves, to clean up after themselves, to tie their shoes, that math is fun. We use it every day in our cooking, our laundry, our bath time. We read every day. They are getting exposure to things that public schools can’t or wont do. We are reading Moby Dick, talking about harpooning, whaling, boats, sails, people. We are reading books online through our library. They are asking questions about how cars run, trains work, what makes the light blink or turn from red to green. That building with Lincoln Logs is a waste of time. That time they built that house cabin whatever, taught them abut engineering. (They may not get it now, but they will).
These are things that cannot always be answered in a schoolroom or the teacher deems them as some type of problem child. They are naturally curious and we are NOT to dampen that nature. We are to nurture it.

To say that because my boys are running around and not sticking their nose in a book is like me telling you that your hair is the wrong color.
The reason we each choose to homeschool is our families are different. We were each made this way, and made to follow our own paths. Some may be similar, some different, but neither is wrong.
How do you view homeschooling?

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