Learning away from home….


My boys will be spending the weekend with their grandparent sin Wisconsin. They will be learning away from home this weekend.

Mommy and daddy will also get a small break and then I will be diligently getting November and December school work in order.

I love being able to know that my kids ALWAYS learn no matter where they are at. Learning isn’t just out of a book. They learn about football and what it takes to be a player, the right way to eat, how they train, the fact that if they want to play college ball they have to maintain good grades and do academically well.

They learn that Grandpa who is an attorney went to school for a long time to learn the stuff he knows now and that he is always learning, even at his age {not that Grandpa is old}

I love that my kids get to spend time with family.

We’ll be back next week. Enjoy your weekend.

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