Wrap Up



This week I”m not sure what we did. It all seems like a blur. My parents had their 37 wedding anniversary, my husband is on afternoons, we learned about monsters. Got some new books from Sam’s Club. I’m so glad the boys love books!

I bought a Brain Quest workbook for the boys and not a big hit right now, so we’ll see.

I spent Friday night at a bonfire with a bunch of great ladies and a really good BFF! I enjoy those nights when I can just get away.

We went grocery shopping Saturday. Got haircuts for the kids and hubby. then took them to CiCI’s Pizza. Boy can my kids eat pizza! My oldest at at least a pizza and half plus 2 bowls of soup. The other two each ate at least a whole pizza.


Today, I made beef stew, beef and peppers, tacos, meatloaf and vegetable soup Can you tell what we are having this week?


All in all I am thankful for the week that we have had. Hubster goes back to days and for that I am happy. I really like our daily routine!

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