ThingOne’s First Cake



I decided to do a bunch of baking the other day and made up some cookies to freeze, muffins, and one cake.

Well I didn’t really make the cake because ThingOne decided he wanted to do it. I helped as I’m still teaching him the correct way and using a mixer just sort of scares me.

He did good! He measured everything, had only one small issue that was the vanilla. He got a bit nervous and poured a bit too much, but I think we’ll be okay. The hardest part was having to alternate the milk and flour mixture. I helped there why he mixed. I crushed up the nuts using a knife as well, he isn’t allowed !

We had a great mother son bonding time and I thoroughly enjoyed his happy face when he realized it was time to pour the batter and he was finished with the cake.


I am so thankful for what I have been given.

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  1. Don't you love cooking with the kids! It's so much fun, although it can be nerve wrecking. Lydia is always trying to use the knife when I turn my back or use the stove. It makes me nervous, but so proud when she sees what she can accomplish!


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