The truth about me


I’m not sure how long I’ve really been blogging, nor am I sure that I want to know or even care. I started this for me and no one else.

What I have found out about myself during this blogging/homeschool adventure is this:

  1. I’m good at planning
  2. I love lists upon lists upon lists
  3. !I stink at using those lists.
  4. I can print to my hearts content
  5. I can misplace the tings that I print
  6. My kids LOVE things find for them
  7. My kids LOVE playing with ME more than anything
  8. I hate laundry,
  9. I leave piles of laundry for any day but today
  10. I’m not perfect

Holy moly am I sure I can even do this? Every day all day? Yes I can. I have my husband, my family, my kids, certain friends and most of all God. Now if I can just remember to rely on Him, I can make it through this.

I know that my boys are learning. I know this because as we were making chili, ThingOne says, Don’t touch the pot only the handles. The pot is a metal and conducts heat. The handles are plasticy so they are okay to hold for stirring. Also beware of the steam it can burn you just like the flame!

For all the times that I have stated this over and over> I can say I never thought they heard me. For all the times we talk about the metal on mowers or cars or bikes, I never thought they were listening.

I’m happy to know that all they are learning, and sometimes not from a book. Okay most times not straight from a book. We live our school, we play in our school, we read in our school, we fight, have hard days lay in our pjs and have fun.

I’m blessed to have a husband who allows our kids to be whatever they desire to be at that moment. I love that they can be a super hero , a train, a racecar, an octonaught, a pirate. School should be fun.

Now if I could just stop procreating and get to it, we’d get a lot more done I’m sure, but would we miss out on the fun we are having now?

Who knows, but I’m sure with God’s help, I’ll find our way.

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…………..



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