The After Vacation Mess



I love going on vacation. I love getting away from it all,not having to worry about much of anything. But I really hate coming home from vacation.

This is what our home looks like after spending some great fun watching baseball in Milwaukee.

2012-10-01 10.58.53

2012-10-01 10.59.55 2012-10-01 11.00.02 2012-10-01 11.00.26 2012-10-01 11.00.30 2012-10-01 11.00.36 2012-10-01 11.00.46 


This is real living. This is what it means to live in our home. I am not perfect, nor do I want to be. I live, sleep ,play and party in our home.  Granted it doesn’t always look like this, but there are times where laundry is on the pool table instead of in drawers or closets, and there can be a pile of dishes in the sink, and well the laundry room ALWAYS has laundry in it, but no one can see it so its okay ;)


This is all on top of making breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks, school work, errands, fun days and lazy days. Because yes we can be lazy and don’t get out of pj’s and do just fun school. Like playing pool or foosball or air hockey. Let’s face it, that is learning, it just happens to be fun!

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