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Little Learning Lovies is a wonderful site with fun games, learning materials, copywork and other materials for kids.

I browsed her shop before finally deciding on a few items. I decided on the Alphabet Uno, Tap Facts, Nutty Numbers -- Skip Counting (2's, 5's and 10's) FFG and   Nutty Numbers -- Acorn Addition (Sums of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 FFG).

Our first game we tried Tap Facts a whirl. This was so easy to print. I love that I could download it right after my purchase was complete.

It was fun and entertaining for my older two. It helped them to learn more about addition, how to count, what to look for, to know that some numbers reversed actually are the same answer and don't have to really think about it. I had to help Thing3 and he is only 3 and only knows his numbers, not quite how to add, but he’s learning and that is all that matters to this momma.

We didn’t quite play it as the rules suggested. We played it in a war type of style to see who had the most in their pile. Then we played according to the rules. ThingOne decided he liked the war way better. I like that you can use this game anyway. Not just as it is written.

Alphabet Uno was the hit for all my boys. We love Uno as it is and well Alphabet Uno just reinforced what they know and for ThingThree what he is learning. We also then played where you had to make a word out of the uno cards as we laid them down. This was fun and challenging at the same time {even for Momma}.

We thoroughly enjoyed the above two games. I have yet to print our the other items. Once I do, I will post my thoughts on the games.

{ I was not paid for my opinions on these items. I won a gift certificate for the shop}

All opinions are mine and mine alone.

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…………..


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