Thing 3 is a riot at times. He just cracks me up. I decided that instead of playing with our nature bounty, we would make scare crows for the fall season, as we have started decorating for Fall.

Yes it is a bit hard to decorate when your house is full of clothes everywhere. Probably the one things I dislike about the seasons changing is the clothes having to be put away for the season. However, I’m fairly certain that if I have motivation, my house can become clean very quick :)

Anyway.. I got out some of our construction paper, paper plates, colored pencils and we got to work on making Scarecrows.

This is how they turned out:

My Three Scarecrows ready to tackle the birds


My Loveable Thing2…. He makes my heart melt.


Hiding so he wasn’t all the way in the photo

(didn’t have a shirt on didn’t want anyone to know)


Pretending to be the Scarecrow


We also did a few scarecrow pages from some resources around the web:

2 Teaching Mommies – Scarecrow Unit

Teaching Heart’s- Scarecrow Theme

This link has a pdf of ideas, books, songs – Scarecrow PDF

Can DO Kinder has a positional book

Love how happy they are with learning!


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