Friday Free for all


Today we aren’t doing much of anything. We let Thing Two ride on the BMX track last night on a Strider bike and he LOVED it. Now he wants to race on his bike.

My grandmother fell planting her bulbs and broke her hip. She just has to have a plate and screw put in, not hip replacement. Thank God! Needless to say lots of family coming in to see her and make sure she is well.

Hubs and the two younger boys are going to a football game this weekend! GO BADGERS! They are playing Michigan State.

The World Series has been big here too. We just LOVE sports!

Fall Break has been nice for us to get our bearings, get Novembers schedule ready and our curriculum back on track. We will be off the last week of November for vacation, guess I’ll need to plan that soon too.

Are you on Fall break? What have you done?

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