A reason for everything

I wonder how many of us tell ourselves this every. I know that for me and the battles I am going through, I know that this is true. God never said we wouldn’t have troubles of this worlds because lets’ face it, we live in a sinful world. God did say that he would be with us through it all.

This past week my grandmother had the best blessing spoken over her. This is truly a blessing, but to an outsider or to even some of her family, this is not easy to accept.
My wonderful Grandmother was told by God that she has been a faithful servant, her works on earth are complete and that when she is ready to come home, she will be taken with arms wide open.
Now, I can tell you from talking to some of my cousins, that we understood this message. We rejoiced in this message, but not at first. A few of us were rebuked in our Spirit. I mean how would you feel in all honesty? I want my kids to know their Granny. Granny is a big part of their world. We spend lots of time with Granny. I mean lots. My parents live with my Grandmother and help take care of her. Not that my Grandmother is a weakling, but it’s nice to have family around.
Fast forward to the weekend. My grandmother fell and broke her hip. She was taken to the Emergency Room, where they admitted her after they found it broken. Now, it is not the socket, joint or anything else, it was her hip bone. The doctor told my Granma that she is a healthy 81 year old woman. We know this because she has been blessed by God. Her surgery went amazing! Now she has to do some therapy { get up and walk to the bathroom}
I can tell you when I got the call from my mom, saying my Granma was in the ER, I sent a message that said, “ NO, I am not ready for her to go home!” I know she is and I know that she is waiting for the right time. I know that I have to accept this fact. My Spirit does, my heart and my head not so much.
That is twice I was rebuked. I can say that I am now on board with her blessing. If she chooses to go home, I want it to be a peaceful thing. I want it to be her decision, as she was told that it would be.

Everything happens for a reason. The reason she fell? To get us prepared for when she is ready to go home

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