31 Days of Real Life

I've decided to join The Nester for the 31 day Series. It is posting every day in October about one topic. 

I decided that I wanted to be real. I'm not very crafty, funny, wise or really even knowledgeable. What I do know is that many times, I wonder if the person writing the blog is real. Therefore, I am going to show you just how real our life and our home is. I will document the things we do, what it cost, why and other stuff thrown in.

I am a homeschool mama and most of my days is spent with by three rambunctious  lovely boys. My days may seem easy or that I should get more stuff done, but reality is, I have barely enough time to shower and most days I wonder why. 

Documenting my life will not only give you a glimpse of the real, but will probably make me wise up in some areas of my life.

I hope you decide to take this journey with me.

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