Thankful Thursday


I’ve started the Good Morning Girls Colossians study. Before I started I renewed my faith to stand firm in what I believe and hold true. To lean a bit more on God and not rely on self.

One thing I am learning is God is always faithful, just, mercy and he never really gives us more than we can handle for THAT day. He only gives us Grace for the day. Not tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year.

When you ask God for something, really be prepared for His answer. You never know when he will grant it or allow things to happen. And yes, God does allow you to be sifted like wheat, but never to be plucked from His hand.

God wants more than anything for every one to turn to Him. He loves us more than we could fathom. But one thing we seem to forget in our prayer time, study time, or even quiet time is to thank Him.

This morning I made a list of the things I am thankful for that God has given or even done for me.

1. Thank you God for creating a place for us to be able to call upon you in our time of need.

2. Thank you for being my Jehovah Jireh, my provider Genesis 22: 13-14

3. Thank you for being Jehovah RAPHA, my Healer Exodus 15:26

4. Thank you for being JEHOVAH-SHALOM, my peacemaker, Judges 6:2

5. Thank you for being EL-ELYON, my God of Most High Genesis 14:17-21

6. Thank you for being EL-SHADDAI. My God Almighty Genesis 17:1 Psalms 91:1

7. Thank you got being EL-OLAM. Everlasting God Isaiah 40:28-31

8. Thank you for loving my despite my sin.

9. Thank you for listening when I think you aren’t

10. Thank you for giving us a chance to change our ways, look to you and follow in the path of righteousness.

No matter how we look at it, God surrounds us in everything we do.. The choices we make affect how we will live for him and how others will perceive us.


Thank you for this day that you have showered up us. Thank you for the birds, the flowers, the trees to admire for their beauty could only come for you.

Thank you for giving me one more day to Live your Love for others to see you through me.


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