Man have I been a slacker. I usually post every day or I get my post ready for the next day, but this week has been pretty busy/stressful.
First off, my Gramma was in the hospital and that put into perspective that she isn’t invincible and won’t be here for ever. That was a hard one for me to deal with.
We had just gotten home on Monday from vacation, which is always nice, but we were a little slow going this week.
Here is what we did:

Made cards for Granny as the boys call her. Did some Skylanders reading The Machine of Doom

We’ve been learning about Johnny Appleseed, using some printables/lapbooks from Homeschool Share, Mama’s Learning Center, and Homeschool Blogger.
We’ve also been learning about apples, how they grow and we planted some seeds to see if they would grow. I am doubtful, but hey they want to try so who am i to say no to this great experiment? I created some pages to show the progress, so far we got nothing  and they are a bit bummed ;(
Next week we plan to continue with more apples and add in some fall items. I’ll hav some crafts to share enxt week.

It’s Great to be a homeschooler….


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