Reality Check


It has come to my attention that I need a reality check.

Why? Well, everything people portray is not true.

Not one person can have the perfect household without help. I cannot maintain the mountains of laundry that accumulated EVERY day without help.

What is portrayed on blogs is only what people want us to see. How true of a representation are we then if we only post the good stuff?

How honest are we with ourselves if we only post funny or cute things? Not the messy, the rush, the pile of dishes in the sink?

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the blogs I read or the time that is put into what they are creating or maintaining. I LOVE looking at blogs, printable packs, DIY information.

But it is nice to know that they aren’t perfect. I am not always up to date on my blog.. Life has a funny way of doing that. I do however, try to maintain a true reality of what happens in my home and life. It isn’t always easy Lord knows.

I was daunted at first by the blogs and printable packs that I have seen. Now I know that they were/are given a special blessing by God and I have not. that’s okay. I just am glad that I can use their creativeness to help educate my kids.

So to all those who are daunted by the blogs, just remember that are people too. Their lives behind the blog are probably just as messy as yours.

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