I love CAR-A-MEL.. or is it Carmel? Anyway.. This is my weakness. Not chocolate. So I decided that since I was in a pity party type of mood, that I wanted something sweet.

The boys and I got out bowls, spoons, cupcake pans, liners the works! (and since I am so great at doing last minute stuff.. I have no pictures). I am bad at that, but since it was last minute.. oh well…

We took some of our caramels left over from our caramel apple sticks we made. We then cut them into little pieces. I took a white cake box mix ( because I was a bit too lazy to make it from scratch), added the ingredients, mixed, then right before we added them to the liners, we placed the cut up caramels into the batter, folded lightly, then filled liners 3/4 full.

We waited 15 minutes for these bad boys to be done, waited another 15 minutes to cool, so we could add frosting. We tried the Duncan Hines add a frosting with the caramel packet.

I have to say this turned out pretty well for cheating on the frosting :)

Now I just need someone to come clean the mess that certain boys left in the kitchen.

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…………..


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