Ahoy Matey!



Today is National Talk Like a Pirate day. Why you ask, well honestly I don’t think there’s a point. Because other than the Pirates Portrayed on Peter Pan and Jake & the Neverland Pirates, they were MEAN!

We learned that it is a bit hard to talk like a Pirate ALL the time…. We tried, but we would just end up laughing at each other.

We started out the morning by cutting out pirate chests, after the first one was done, I didn’t do any more as it was a bit much IMO. But the boys had funning cutting our the doubloons to earn them for the chest.



We used some of the printables from the 1+1+1=1 website, 2 Teaching Mommies and Over the Moonbow.


Then my parents came over to help finish the yard and my window. The day was a good one!

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