How far we have fallen….



I know not much should surprise me in the times that we live in, but supplying condoms to our kids? To me that is just wrong. Why are we not teaching abstinence or morals any longer? Why is it that you can walk the halls of middle and high school and see pregnant girls? GIRLS, not ladies, or women, but GIRLS. I saw this article posted on facebook today. What broke my heart is this line here:

 “Students in Provincetown ' from elementary to high school ' will be able to get free condoms at school, under a policy passed earlier this month, even though their parents might object.”

Please tell me that the schools are not saying they know better than the child’s parents as to what they deem acceptable.

I know that I am not prefect and I know that I will make mistakes and that is okay. God did not design me to be perfect, he did however, give me three beautiful boys to take care of and watch over.

I can tell you they WILL not know about sex until … well I hope NEVER, but I know that is unreal to expect. I do hope that the relationship we have with them allows them to come to us at anytime to talk about what is going on with their bodies.

I know that with the things going on in the world that is not the reason to be homeschooling, but I am glad that I am teaching my children in a safe environment. 

It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…..


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