Betty Homemaker? {Not}



I am no Betty Homemaker. I am however, a woman who has ideas that run through her head all the time. I love having ideas, I love looking at my home going what can I change?

Well as of right now, the only thing I would change is not being stuck at home. Why?

Well, first there is dishes that have to be done every HOUR! Not really, but gosh it feels like it. Then there is the laundry. Do you know how many clothes/towels/etc 3 boys and 2 adults can have? More than I ever thought. Then there is the daily chore of having to wipe down the table, the bathroom, sweep the floors, clean the schoolroom, which never seems to get accomplished!

Then I’m having to make sure that there is food for me and the boys{not that I don’t have food here, just have to make it more}.

Out of all this I am learning that we have to much crap and I want to add to that crap. See a lesson here? I did this morning when I was thinking about rearranging my living room and thinking man I could really use another dresser. Of course my husband says why do we need a dresser in the living room? We have plenty.

This is why:

dresser before  dresser after



AWESOME right! Well I want to do something similar, but not for the TV I want it to be in the foyer. To hold all those crazy mittens, gloves, things the boys need that we can’t ever find.

Anyway.. back to my lesson that I am learning, while it is great to have ideas, my first and foremost priority is my kids and boy do I seem to have been neglecting them a bit. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I needed to be taught that staying home isn’t about the things I can do to the house, but how to manage and take care of the house.

That I really am not alone. My kids may not be the best and sweeping floors, but they are learning. They are learning because we are home and it needs to be done every day.

I may not like how they clean the bathroom, but that's okay. They are learning life skills they would not get in school. They are learning to use a knife, help in the kitchen, and take care of the place that is most used. Our home.

We may not have lots of formal schooling, but we do have learning. They may not be readers, but I am okay with that. I am okay that I am not the same as the Homeschooling Mama up the road or around the corner. I am okay that my kids aren’t doing the same thing those in Private or Public school are doing. They  we are learning and that is all that matters.

Sorry for the long rant about anything and everything. I just needed a moment I think for me. We should be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

It’s great to be a homeschooler…………


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