6 and DRIVING!!


Okay not really driving, but he did sit in the seat and help pull out some bushes in the yard. and he LOVED it.


Toady we did things a little different. I don’t want my kids to think of school as only what is in a book or what is on a piece of paper. Schooling or Learning in our case happens every single day. It may not be what other people think learning should be, but it is for us.


The boys learned how to pull our large bushes using a chain, Papa’s truck and a little revving of the engine… which they LOVE! According to my children, Papa’s truck is FAST! Then we learned how to take the dirt off the roots, get messy while doing it, lots of questions about why we were digging them up and what are we going to do not that there are holes in the yard!


Then the boys learned how to mow the yard. This was fun for them and for me and Grammie was the one who was teaching them :)

101_3359 101_3360 101_3361


They look like they are having fun.

Learning doesn’t have to be a book, or a worksheet. They learn every day with normal everyday living. Thank God that I am now learning this and that I do not answer to anyone but God.


It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…..



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