2012-2013 Curriculum


Scripture Study

This is a hard area. We try very diligently to get into the word everyday as a family. However; when your husband does not believe in the bible or want to hear it, it can make for a rough morning. So we do this when Daddy is asleep, which may not always be in the morning.

Saxon Math K is our plan this year. I didn’t focus to much on math last year, so I figure we will proceed at a slower pace and move up as necessary.

Literature and Language Arts
All About Spelling is my plan for ThingOne and ThingTwo.  I am so excited to start this. If things go well, I will be purchasing All About Reading as well.


We don’t do Science as a “main” subject, we tend to incorporate it all the time! ThingOne has a habit of asking why or tell me or show me at just about EVERYTHING!



We are doing Road Trip USA and adding some of the Highlights magazines we have gotten about the States and different countries.

I have yet to decide if we will do formal or just crafts of varying types. 

Home Maintenance

ThingOne and ThingTwo do a variety of chores. They have helped in the kitchen, but we will more active in the kitchen.

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