I do believe that I am going to add a bit more structure to our learning. We use the workox system and I’m not sure how I’ll work this out, but I have a whole month to think it through.

Here is what we are using

All About Spelling {AAS} Level 1

 All About Reading {AAR} Level 1 

Saxon Math K and 1

We are using Confession of a Homeschooler’s Road Trip USA as part of our Geography lessons.

Science we use a variety of places and activities

1+1+1=1 ‘s You can Read

Plus a few other sites. We will work on Lapbooking and Unit Studies as the boys see fit.

Preschool Packs from 1+1+1=1 and Homeschool Creations, 2 Teaching Mommies, 3 Dinosaurs as well.


Plus the many many trips to the zoos, parks, road trips to baseball fields, football games. We will be pretty busy. I am glad to be taking off a few weeks before we start school again.

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