What a day!



We  I had the BEST day today. I can’t help that when I spend time with my family, I know that I have the best of days. it may not always be true for my kids, but I had a blast today and I think I needed it.

I went rummaging. Got a few items, but mostly I just walked, looked and had fun with my mom, aunt and cousin. Spending time with them is fun. helping them find the stuff they are looking for is even better. Letting them know that a shirt would look good on them is priceless. helping to find cheaper than the store items.. worth every penny.

Generally when I go I have a plan. Items I am looking for. I went with that in mind, but wasn’t sure I would find it and I still haven’t so on to Craigslist I will go.

Once I got back home, the boys and I woke up daddy, had dinner with him before he went to work.  I made a recipe from the 17 Day Diet book and it was perfectly fine. It was really good even. I think my trouble will be water. Drinking enough of it to help cleanse. I like water, but it can get a little plain, so I bought lemons and hope that will help some. Things are looking up on this cycle. I have lost three pounds since starting and it has only been two days. I’m sure most of that is water though and the fact that we walked for two hours straight!

Then I mowed the yard. I LOVE a fresh cut lawn, it looks so pretty Smile The boys helped me dig up flowers and transplant them to the new flower bed my dad made. We had fun. I think they had more fun playing in the dirt than planting.

All in all I am pleased and how things are shaping up in my life and around my home. I know that none of this is possible without the guidance of God and the Holy Spirit.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13


Enjoy your weekend. I know I did.



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