Weekend Fun


This weekend was busy. We had a bike ride on Saturday that seemed to never end. Played in the water hose { mamma too tired to hook up sprinkler}.


Sunday we went to church and enjoyed the picnic afterwards. Cornhole, volleyball, slip n slide. I’d say it was a hit all around.


Have I mentioned that ThingOne lost a tooth? Well he did and he is so proud. He showed another person and they asked how much money he got from the Tooth Fairy.. ThingOne replied, “you do know the Tooth Fairy isn’t real right?” Now I would think that this would be a great thing. Teaching your children not to lie or be lied too. Apparently I am wrong. This person was very upset that I would allow my child to go around telling other children that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real.

I can honestly say I wonder about Christians at times and I include myself in that. We don’t have all the answers, but I do know where we can get them and I’m pretty sure a lie is a lie no matter how small we may think it is.

So I’m sticking by standards and letting them know what is and isn’t Truth.


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