Weekend Excitement



Where do we begin???

Daddy’s birthday was a hit for the boys, and yes I said the boys. Here’s why:



They got NEW bikes on Daddy’s birthday. Wasn’t that great? We decided to give them now rather than waiting till the end of summer when the older two have their birthday because really how much fin is it to ride your bike in the last month of summer.

We took Daddy to Texas Corral for lunch and had a blast! They sang to him {which he loved oh so much}

062 {I love how thrilled he looks}

and got a HUGE piece of cake and it fed all 10 of us!

ThingThree ended up taking his bike back and getting a BIGGER bike because yes sadly his green Jeep bike at 12 inches was too small. We went and got the 16 inch bike, and he was much happier. {that and he wanted to be on a big boy bike like his brothers.}


ThingTwo lost a tooth at lunch. So proud of him and how well he took it. Just goes to show me he is growing so fast!


056 {no more tooth}


We had my in-law's here for the weekend and had a good time with them. Love you guys!


Now we’ll see about getting some real work done before we take some time off school, about 3 weeks.


It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…..



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