Ever have those days where you just want to hide or run into oblivion?

I have and still do.


This morning was great. We got up started getting ready so we could do a Preschool graduation ceremony. Did the ceremony no problem. Daddy went home to sleep, we went to grandma’s to cook out and eat, and eat and eat.

LOTS of food, family and fun. They boys were awesome. They played, rode bikes, swung on the swings, got wet {thanks grandma, they LOVED it}

Then it came time to go home. Why does that have to be so hard? Why do they hate going home? Why do we have such a hard time at bedtime? It is the same every night, drink snack movie, bathroom, hugs, kisses, sleep.


One of these days I will get it right, until then, I guess they’ll just have to cry.

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