Taking on Tuesday



We’ll we didn’t get much don today in the way of traditional schooling.

However, we did tackle the grocery shopping, laundry and reading aloud. SO I must say we were pretty productive.

It is great to see them learning even when they think they aren’t. Counting boxes, counting aisles, milk, oranges, counting the steps it takes them to get to an item compared to me with a cart, we can’t buy a certain item because it isn’t on their list. {Yes, I give each of my boys a few specific items they are to look for. Some are just for fun {scavenger type hunt} and some we actually need { grapes, socks, asparagus}


I enjoy my days with the boys like this. It makes me realize that I know they are learning, that they LOVE being with us and that they are happy.


Today I also made my first batch of yogurt, we will see how it tastes tomorrow. {I forgot pictures, will do so next time} We made our snacks, our trail mixes, cut up our food for the next two weeks and then chowed down on edamame and pork roast.


GREAT to be a homeschooler…..


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