Raising Boys {who like pink}…..



I was SOOO happy when I knew that I was having boys. And I mean HAPPY!!! No girly stuff!

First off, this momma didn’t want to be a momma. I didn’t want to have the daily chore of caring for someone else. Needless to say there were other plans out there for me.

When ThingOne was born, I was happy. YEAH a boy! I thought to myself okay no more, that is it, I’m done, we get on birth control, I go back 3 months later for a check up and guess what “you’re pregnant” oh the tears I cried. Then ThingTwo came and I was fine. As they started growing and growing, I knew I’d be okay. Then ThingThree happened and I was depressed. Not enough for meds, but all the same. I didn’t want any more children. To make it worse we couldn’t tell what gender the baby was. I DID NOT want a girl. I am not girly, I hate pink, don’t wear make up unless we are going somewhere special.

Fast forward a few years and I have LOVELY boys. They are strong, funny, amazing, hurtful, joyful, easily heartbroken, and they LOVE PINK.

Oh is God funny! Not only do they love pink, we are on a Dora kick, a Barbie kick and the new bike ThingOne got.. It’s PURPLE… Yeah, I have boys.  But God also showed me that Pink is just a color and its okay for boys to like it and it be on EVERYTHING.

Something I’ve learned through all this, my boys are caring boys. Not only do they protect me or each other when things happen { or be boys and gang up on each other} but they have a caring side that can only be nurtured by me and I’m not sure I can handle that task alone.

God knew what he was doing when he had be a Momma, but boy oh boy do I wish he left out the color Pink….



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