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Don’t compare.  Just do what you can, push yourself a little, and be happy knowing you have done your best.


A great quote by Coupon Teacher.

Many times as homeschoolers we sit and compare what we are doing with our friends or other families and it takes a gentle reminder that we are NOT all the same. What may work for one family may not work for another.

The same goes for my kids. What works for one, may not work for the other and not to compare what the other is or is not doing.

The same is true as women and moms. What works for one woman, may or may not work for another. How we compare ourselves to other women can have a devastating blow to us as women and to our husbands.

God made each of us different and capable of instructing our children, but not in the same way. He made each of us different and unique and that in and of itself is very IMPORTANT.  It takes a gentle reminder each day that I am not perfect and neither are my boys.

There are some days they just can’t sit still enough to work and we need to adjust our schedule to make it more “bouncy”. There are some days when we don’t get to work until after lunch and that is okay. We aren’t perfect, but we know the one who is. We can rely on HIM to get us through.

I may not think my children are learning, or others may not think they are learning, but I know that they are and they are learning what pleases them and what does not. We aren’t a “CLASSROOM” we are a family who learns at home.

That is the most important thing, not what we are or are not doing.

It is GREAT to be a homeschooler…………



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