Memorial Day 2012



This is a Special Day as we try to remember why Daddy served in the Navy, why Grandpa served in that Army and the Freedom that we have from these men and women who have and are currently protecting our FREEDOM!

We have made some a banner to put over the fireplace {though it didn’t quite make it} we placed in on the mantle. We made a star wreath out of red, white and blue construction paper to put on the front door and then we made pinwheels. { I liked this the best}

We talked about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Why we visit it when we go to DC. Why it is important to us.

We used these Sites to help gain information:


Now I know my boys are young, but if we don’t teach them this information now and keep doing it every year, they may forget as I have or may never even know about it.


To help reinforce and remember this day, we used printable worksheets from and


Thank you to all the men and women who have protected our freedoms.

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