Duct Tape can be a girls new friend….


So I was browsing websites earlier today and came across All Things Thrifty. Now with a blog titled that who wouldn’t stop and look around.

Boy am I glad I did. She had a post about making duct tape purses, and I was actually looking for a tutorial because I was stuck. Man this woman is great. She has all sorts of Thrifty things on her blog.

She has Painting Furniture 101, Glazing Furniture, Reupholstering. I enjoyed her blog and I know some of you will too.


Anyway, so I did my purse and am happy with the way it turned out… except for the handles.



There aren’t any… I forgot the grommets. All in all it will hold what I need it to and function well. I think I may try to make some smaller crossbody bags and see how they turn out.

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