Monday Musings


This week should be a good one. We are working on a Spring Theme for the next few weeks. This includes flowers, butterflies, gardening. and bugs. We will probably do this for the next 3-4 weeks or until they are ready to move on.

Some changes have been going on here too. Daddy’s hours have changed a bit, he now works 6pm to 8am instead of 4pm to 4am. Makes it a little nicer to have dinner together and more family time. I also think this will help motivate me to really get up much earlier and read, devotion, workout all before everyone else is awake and moving.

We have also been integrating our LeapPad more into our homeschooling. Doing more read-a-louds, Step Into Reading books, library visits, and 20 questions. I’m also learning that cars, Legos and “boy toys” are great learning items.

We will plant our garden either the end of this week or beginning of next. I can't wait to do this with the boys. I am hoping to have them chart the growth of our veggies.


As long as I remember I am doing what God has planned for me and my boys, we are on the right track!


It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…..



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