Monday again…


I feel like the weekends just fly by! That we never get to spend the amount of time we want with family when they come down to visit.

They boys has loads of fun swimming in the hotel pool. They are fish it seems. They just love their grandparents.


This week will be all about us trying to get our garden planted and our flower box planted. The weather here hasn’t been too cooperative. Rain makes it very hard to get things done outside. It does allow us to get things done inside though I suppose.


My dad and I are currently taking down some old panels in the basement. We will be putting in a second bath. I do believe this will help with the constant stopping of school and going upstairs to potty. ThingThree has been doing well, but because the trip upstairs to the potty is longer than he can hold it, we do have some accidents, but hey I’ll take those over pull-ups any day!


The rest of the week we will be working on our sight words, some flower units, possibly some birds and butterflies. I think I’ll just let the boys lead this time.


It is GREAT to be a homeschooler….




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