Tuesday Blahs



Everyone around here has been sick and I mean EVERYONE. It is very hard to school when the entire group is sick so we have been watching  T.V. I know horrible right, well I have found that sometimes, it can spark a conversation that would never have happened otherwise. We don’t have '”t.v.” per se, we have Netflix. We LOVE Netflix, we have been watching VeggieTales, How It’s Made, National Geographic { I recommend previewing some of the Nat Geo items first}, Speed Racer, Super Why!, Cat in the Hat, and a few others. I have to say that I got sucked in to the BBC Program Doctor Who. I am such a sucker for Sci-Fi.


Any who, these have sparked some conversations about why things work the way they do, what would happen if we didn’t have certain items, that it is mean to do and act certain ways ( thanks VeggieTales)


We have looked in the newspaper and magazines for words we know, words we want to know and numbers. Cut them out, pasted them on paper and then tried to make sentences from them.

All this from the sick bed. Never knew that being sick, would actually let us learn something.

Being sick has also taught the boys a lesson on taking care of ourselves and other family members.


It’s GREAT to be a homeschooler…………



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