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In the Chicago Tribune ( couldn't find link for tribune used LA Times) there was an article on the number of times the word “vagina” and “penis” have been used in regular T.V. Yes I said those words and regular t.v. in the same sentence. Most will think this isn’t an issue, me on the other hand, well I don’t really think that my kids need to hear those words ALL the time.

The research found that in just nine fall episodes of CBS' hit sitcom "2 Broke Girls," characters said the word "vagina" more times than anyone did on broadcast TV across all networks in an entire season a decade ago. (exert from LA Times)

Are these “bad” words, no, BUT the world has made them bad and that saddens me. It saddens me to see young girls and women thinking they have to wear clothes that are barely there or that they have to show everything they were given. Guys may look and the first thought that comes to mind, at least for me, is wow she must really feel bad for herself to be put on display like that.


Most of you will stop reading now and that is okay. This is how I feel and raising 3 boys, I want them to see the BEST a woman has to offer,not the least. I want them to respect their mate like their father respects me, like their grandpapas respect their grandmammas, Like God respects us.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am not, what I do know is that since we don’t watch a lot of t.v., but I do have to protect them and guide them in the right direction on what is and is not proper,  I on;y hope that with the help of my husband, and extended family, that we raise boys who Love God and family with the same respect that we do.

Sorry for the rambling, just needed to get it off my heart and this for me is the best place.



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