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Ever wonder why you pray so hard and don’t hear from God?

Could it be you, could it be God has said no? Could it be that we aren’t really sure if we heard Him correctly?


I think it has to do with the fact that we ourselves aren’t in tune to God. First we have to understand that the Will of God involves three facets.

1} Providential Will of God- The stuff God IS GOING to do no matter what and we just get to be a part of it.

Example, He was going to send Jesus, he involved Mary in the process

2} Moral Will of God- God’s list of right and wrong, his do’s and don’ts

We know these, these are the Commandments given by God. Along with the way to treat your spouse, your children, learning to obey our government

3} Person Will of God- What he wants us to do in and with our lives- the choices we make whether to move or stay, take that job, or not.

Once we have the first 2 understood, the last will fall into place.

Shouldn't we consider Him for ALL things though? DO we think that God doesn't care about what we think is trivial? There will come a day when we answer for it all.

Can you say that you are 100% certain you did God’s will?


I can say I never looked at God's Will this way, but I will from now on.

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