Bad Blogger, yes I am…



I try so hard to be a good mother, wife, and blogger, but one things almost always fails and since it is not the first two it must be the last one.


I  (we) have been busy. First I have been painting and doing things I have found via Pinterest.

Painted our side tables a blue to match our new/revamped living room. Lots of reds, blues and greens. I am sewing pillows and creating vases using bottles.


We have been getting ready for ThingThree birthday. He turns 3 and we are very excited.


We have been working hard on our sight words using Moffat Girls Learn 2 Read unit 1 and also some of Carisa @1+1+1=1 website. Reading lots of Dr. Seuss books, doing activities to correspond with the books. Science experiments.


This week we are doing some of the Human Body and will continue into next week as we have our very first Homeschool Outing this Friday. This will be our first outing with other homeschoolers, we will see how it goes.


So we’ll see how well I can keep up with the blog, it may end up a weekly progress report for us.



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