Thursday Thankfulness



Sometimes I think that I am not the best person in the world to homeschool. We don’t always start on time, we don’t always get it done, we don’t always……


Anyone else nothing a pattern or is it just me? Maybe I shouldn’t focus on what we don’t and focus on what we do.


We DO:

Fun, Love, Laugh, Cry, Run, Shout, Make a mess, learn, are together, read, play games, cook. Guess we are learning just not according to how everyone else thinks it should be done.


We don’t cram everything in every day. My kids are still young enough that paying games on the computer is still learning, playing the Wii together is great family time, even though we almost always get beat by Daddy. Oh yeah and there is that too. We get to see Daddy more by being home.


Isn’t it great to be a homeschooler….

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