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I’ve decided that this blog is for me. Well, not just me, but for me and my family. Whoever reads it great, whoever doesn’t that is okay too. I don’t have to be like everyone else. I can be myself. The person I was intended to be. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend.


Most of these things are easy. There is one that is particularly hard and I cannot explain it as it really should be the easiest.


A daughter.


I don’t mean a daughter to my parents, I mean a daughter in Christ. I have failed at that one particular description. Our church is starting the Corporate 21 days of fasting. During the service yesterday, I realized, I am not where I need to be or where God will have me to be.

It is easy to let God slip at times. VERY easy, anyone who says otherwise is well not correct.  “I’ll do it later” tended to be my Motto. I’ll have time later, this needs to be done now.

This year it will be, “God what can I do now that will be blessed by you?” As a Christian homeschooler, time for God should be first, sometimes it cannot be. SO I will make my time for God as he allows, if that is first thing in the morning, so be it, if it is in the afternoon, so be it, if it is our nighttime ritual, so be it.

HE knows that having a non-believer in the house is hard, but I will honor both my husband and God.

The boys will still continue to do their Bible lessons, we just won’t do them with Daddy when he is home.


During this 21 days of fasting, (I am not doing all 21 days) I will listen for God to lead me this time, because I cannot do anything with out Him.

Today is the day we start fresh and continue to move how God wants us to move, not how I feel we should move.


It’s GREAT to be a Homeschooler…………….



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