Getting things ready………….



We are officially back to school in 2 days. Now we are just adjusting to a new routine in our home, and it seems things are going to go smooth. We will be doing most of our “quiet” schooling during the day. AKA reading, writing, letters to grandma’s and grandpa’s, learning movies, LeapPad activities. Then once Daddy heads off to work, we will do the “louder” activities, counting, word shooting, science, ya know the fun stuff.


Other things I have been doing as well….


We are working on getting healthy, no more fats( well for the most part) It has been a hard thing to cut out those sweets. Therefore we are learning to savor the sweets and just do a bite here and there.


We have gotten an ellipse workout going, a bench workout and the Wii. Man has that been fun too. The WHOLE family gets involved and it can get pretty competitive.


Also been working on couponing and learning to make a menu and stick with it. It is a bit easier with the schedule change, but I’ll keep at it to see if it is worth it. There are a lot of great blogs out there, but keep in mind that if you are on a base things are different, you can use expired coupons for some deals. So take care to make sure you are looking at blogs in your area.


I’ve been using and I really enjoy their site and their pages. They have a page for EVERYTHING. There is a fee, but for me and mine it was worth it. Their pages have really helped to define our HomeBook. You know the master organizing book most everyone has but don’t really know, because the pages are all scattered. Ours is in a three ring binder with labels and maybe I’ll get a post on it one day.

(* they have not paid me or compensated me.)


Well that seems to be all for now.


See you on Monday…



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