Preparing for Christmas



Last few weeks have been busy here. I have been anxiously waiting for my in laws and family to get here so I can show off our “new”” home. Okay it really isn’t new, but I did put a lot of work into painting, arranging and getting new furniture..

My husband has been a blessing through this as he has put up with my “mess” before the clean Smile

My parents have been a wonderful help too, reaching all those hard to get places. Thanks DAD! My mom has been a help entertaining in the boys on the Wii.. I don’t know who is funnier, the boys or her.

So here are a few pictures and once the “mess” is totally clean, I will get full room shots for everyone.

101_2520101_2521101_2522101_2523101_2524101_2525101_2526101_2527my kids did “help” paint. They learned a valuable lesson about not rubbing against the walls, or putting your feet on the walls, or hands.. It was fun and adventurous the whole time.

It is GREAT to be a homeschooler…




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