Am I doing what’s best? ( long post)



This has been a great week and a fun week. We have made some wreaths, put up our blow up decorations out and our net lights on the bushes. The boys LOVE lights. It has been hard trying to get them to not tell others Santa isn’t real. We have taken the approach that we are taught not to lie and yet we lie to our children about Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and then when they find out they aren’t real, they also realize you have lied to them. Am I taking away their innocence? Maybe.. am I teaching them the truth about Christmas, Easter and everything else related to God. Yes.


I have gotten a lot of negative responses to how I am removing the magic of Christmas for my kids. Christmas was first a pagan holiday so how can I be so self righteous.. that one hurt and got me thinking.


Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. What I do know is that for me and mine, Christmas is a birthday for Christ Jesus, now they want a cake, you cannot have a birthday with out cake.. Oh boy!


At least I know that what I am teaching is getting through and others will just have to learn to accept how we live and why we choose to teach the way we do.


Isn’t it GREAT to be a homeschooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!



aka Kelli

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