Wednesday Update


We have been busy painting all week. We started with the living room dining room and are still there. I have finished the entry way and the fireplace wall. Which looks AMAZING  I am hoping to get hubby to keep from putting the mirror back up. It looks so much nicer with out it.


We have been doing some Christmas work and some since. Since ThingDaddy is home on vacation. Mostly we’ve been playing games and getting the house ready. I figure at their age, games count just as much as “school work” even more so as we are doing it together.


Tomorrow we start a new tradition.. Advent Calendars. We have some small trinkets, books, “fun” activities and other things planned. I am hoping this year they are not too small to go to our neighbors with gifts. We’ve been here 5 years and our neighbors tend to avoid us, so I am hoping this might help.


It is GREAT to be a Homeschooler……


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