I know that I am not the craftiest person, or the most talented or even the most artistic. What I do know is that I cannot for the life of me remember to blog everyday about the stuff we do or even how our day is going.


I wonder how others do it. They have so many interesting things, are creating worksheets and fun ideas and all I can do is copy their cork for my kids to do. I wonder every day if I made the right choice. Am I giving them the best education I possibly can? Then something happens:



My oldest tells me< “ Guess what Mom?” and of course I say “what hun?” I CAN READ he yells. I’m thinking really how does that happen, let me come see.


So we sit down on our couch and he proceeds to read me the –at book from The Moffat Girls. I AM ASTOUNDED. My boy can read. Not only the –an and –at books, but even other sight words we haven’t even gotten to. He says, I can read because you read to me and I listen.

That is what makes every day so special

I’ll stick to just being me and not what others can do or have done.


Here’s how our last few weeks have gone:


Pumpkin making:


Courtesy of Honeschool Creations We enjoyed this project.



You Can Read worksheets from 1+1+1=1 We had a blast doing this. We also took our Education Cubes, inserted the words and graphed how many times they came up.



Pumpkin cutting and pasting.

For my Tot, I don’t really do much for him, generally he likes to do what his brothers do, so that means lots of cutting and pasting, play-doh, cars, trains and lots of reading. He is always near us and is always part of whatever we do. I am working on getting some trays for him to see if those might interest him more.

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