Start of the week…..



has been a bit of a drag.

We had a GREAT time watching the Milwaukee Brewers win the NLCD Title. Watching them win and spending it with family was the best. We had a fun filled weekend of Brewers, Badgers, Brewers and the Packers beating the Bears.


Then on the way home, I got sick, not so much a big deal, slept it off on the way home and the night. Had ThingDaddy take care of ThingThree, ThingGrandma took ThingOne and ThingTwo. Then, ThingTwo gets sick. Not so fun to have your child throwing up and not being able to do anything.


So here we are and we haven’t had much done this week in the way of schoolwork, but we’ve talked a lot about why you get sick, what it means to win and lose, why Daddy has to work and leave us when we are sick. Lots of Life Lessons that I never contemplated before nor thought I would have to do at this stage in their lives, but I am glad that it has happened.


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