I started this blog to keep myself on track and accountable, along with letting family know how things are going.

Boy have I been a slacker..However, it has been a fun summer start so far.

First we went on vacation. We took all three of our Thingamajiggers to....


What a fun time we had there. The boys enjoyed seeing "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" as my youngest called it. Here are a few shots from our trips:

Thing 3 waiting for the Dumbo ride, I think they were exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. We stayed at Champions World Resort. The rooms were nice, the pool was large( they had 2 or 3) It was a good price($30/night). They had basketball courts, large fields for baseball, soccer, etc.We would do it again.

I am by no means being paid to say this, I just want to express MY opinion.

Then we went to Alabama to visit my brother and sister-in-law, along with my Nephews. My oldest got married that weekend, it was nice to visit them, I miss them very much.
Played BINGO for the first time ever, wow are they something else.

And we rounded off our summer start by watching a baseball game. We went to Miller Park, which houses the MILWAUKEE BREWERS. In my opinion, this is a great family park. they have a slide n play place for kids if they become restless, lots of "treats" on the main floor for them to play with( for FREE). Our boys LOVE going there, not only to watch the game, because yes they( all three) sit and watch almost the WHOLE game. Which is nice for mom and dad. it also help they really really like baseball :-)

Enough ramblings for now..


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